Why is Experience Points Valued at $400 Million?

Anyone who took a look into Experience Points (XP) over the summer is undoubtedly wondering how the project grew from the tiny $350,000 market cap over 1000 times to what it is currently trading at. XP is currently trading at a price of about 1/5 of a penny, and sits at rank 61 on Coinmarketcap.

Experience Points, which first launched in 2016 and was relaunched this past summer, is reminiscent of the types of coins launched in 2014 and 2015. Like older coins, the only real distinction XP provides is the mining algorithm, distribution rates rates, and total supply. XP does provide an interesting approach to Proof-of-Stake, which gives small holders a higher PoS rate than larger balances.

Beyond this, XP doesn’t really offer anything. There have been a few initiatives by community members: a faucet, a game, and a store. The store allows users to purchase gift cards from places such as Steam for XP. However, the XP costs of these cards are, at least currently, very inflated. A $20 Steam gift card costs 36,000 XP, which is $72. The game, which pays players in XP, barely works. It is a simple match’em game, where players allegedly earn more XP for higher scores. However, pieces often fail to fall after matches are completed, causing an unplayable board filled with holes. It may be possible to earn multiple XP, but the game breaks so quickly that earning more than one XP per play is unobtainable. Beyond this, the game mines Monero using coinhive while you play. In the end, you are actually paying to play a broken game. Fortunately, the faucet does appear to work. You can receive five to 50 XP every eight hours.

Pieces often fail to fall, causing many empty spaces and an unplayable board.

While the XP team claims a plugin will soon exist to allow game developers to implement XP, no current developments have been revealed. In the initial reboot announcement, there were a number of progressions on the road map that should have been completed already. That thread has since been locked, and a new reboot announcement thread was created, with further dates on the road map.

With zero substance behind the project, it’s illogical to think that this coin’s growth has been natural in any way. The coin is primarily traded on Coinexchange.io, which has built a reputation as a playground for market manipulation. The exchange has made it clear they don’t mind bots forging volume or manipulate the price of a coin. Because of this, Experience Points is a strong candidate for a massive pump and dump.

Other evidence that highlights foul play is Binance’s coin of the month competition. In this competition, users of the exchange can vote for their favorite coin to be added to the exchange. When voting opened this morning, XP instantaneously received over 600 votes, which suggests some heavily coordinated botting activities, As there is no major community to explain the huge support. Of the social media platforms XP participates in: it has under 200 followers on Instagram, under 400 subscribers on YouTube, just over 400 subscribers on Reddit, and 350 members on its Facebook group (of that, 324 joined within the past month). There are a large number of users on Discord, but that can be attributed to general Discord users exploring the most popular global channels.

With just a few minutes of research, it is very clearly that this project is pure vaporware. Unfortunately, some unlucky buyers have helped to contribute to this massive dump. Anyone who unknowingly invested into XP within the past few days will surely get burnt.